Revitalash – Advanced Eyelash Conditioner 1 ml

Revitalash – Advanced Eyelash Conditioner 1 ml



Revitalash – Advanced Eyelash Conditioner 1 ml

Eyelash Conditioner from Revitalash is a super delicious and award winning serum for the eyelashes. This serum nourishes and strengthens your lashes to make them stronger and more full. This serum works in just 3-8 weeks, and then you can see a significant difference. Besides strengthening and giving more fullness, this serum also helps to give the lashes a nice boost so they get a beautiful curved shape. It contains, among other things, wheat protein, marigold and green tea, which all nurtures, strengthens and protects the lashes to make them more smooth and not breakable. Growth is promoted and the hair’s life cycle is extended. If you’re dreaming of strong lashes with lots of volume and length, RevitaLash Eyelash Conditioner is just a product for you.


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