How to Find The Best Visitor Management System?

To simply collect names may be sufficient to some companies but not all. Organizations that have public interest information and items that require high security standards, may require more. This article will help you to know how to find the best visitor management system.

What Is A Visitor Management System?

Key Features To Look For


The visitor management system should allow you to capture the image of the visitor and compare with, maybe, the one provided. It will help you know who to let in, who is in the building and who to watch out for.


It is orderly to direct clients to the right host when they are available. Notifications help you make timely adjustments. This gives a good impression, saves time and upholds the integrity of a staff and the company.

Badge Printing

It is easy to enforce the policy of badges when they can be issued on visit. Mostly they are given at the entrance reception. It should be uniformly given to every visitor. Shortage due to the failure of timely printing for new ones or replacements, can hinder effective way of enforcing this policy.

Simple Process

Though the information collection is very crucial, it should be simple, customized and easy to fill in the questions field. The dashboard where you feed the information should be easy to access and secure.

Secure For Confidential Information

 The information most people share can be misused if accessed by the wrong people. It should offer security to confidential and personal information of the visitor.


The system should allow the user to be able to integrate the information collected to the existing one.


Some visitors are regular but that doesn’t mean that they should not be registered every time they visit the location. Time, especially when criminal cases happen, are essential. The system should allow the user to feed some information that may change like time and badge number, each time a regular visitor comes in.

How It Works

It is a simple digital process with only few steps to follow.

  • Sign in. The visitor or with the help of the front desk staff sign in on a smart device by filling in the name, identity number, badge number, take a photo and sign. The details may differ with the organization.
  • Host notification. The system notifies the host about the arrival of the visitor. The photo is displayed and the host can identify if it is the right person or not.
  • Meeting. The host will meet the visitors and greet the right person. It also help with stopping the awkward meetings in the lobby.


These are the key features of a visitor management system. When you use it make sure to follow all the security precautions. Technology makes life easier but if not managed properly there are risks attached.

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